Spending Christmas Day At Acacia Hotel

Unlike our usual Christmas tradition, my family and I spent December 25 (just a few kilometers) away from home. We decided to check in at Acacia Hotel Alabang and enjoy a staycation with just the five of us all together. We have not done this in a little while so it was nice to do it all over again before the year comes to an end.

We stayed in two adjoining rooms which are spacious and have a homey feel. We really loved how cozy and comfortable the beds are. All of us actually spent most of the time in bed, binge-watching.

We checked in late so we did not get to do anything much aside from lazing around. Mama and Bim ordered pizza and chicken wings for dinner, then we went back to our beds. Haha! Well, that was pretty much everything that transpired during our stay.

For some reason, I was not able to get any sleep that night. I took some photos that night, waited for sunrise, went out of the room during the morning, checked out the facilities, took some more photos, had breakfast, then went to sleep at around 8:00 AM.

The lack of sleep took its toll later that afternoon but nevertheless, it was fun. All I cared about was the fact that I was with my family and I always love spending quality time with them. I will never get tired of going on road trips and vacations and coffee dates, no matter how spontaneous and unorganized they may be. I look forward to more staycations and adventures with them.

Well, that’s about it. Just wanna share how my Christmas day went. Belated Merry Christmas to you and your family! Hope you are having a memorable holiday season!

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