Art Fair PH Through My GoPro Camera

Every year, Art Fair PH never fails to showcase exquisite artworks in various forms and sizes. There is always something to look forward to the exhibits and you will be amazed at how the art can inspire, intrigue, or provoke you.

Art PH is the annual exhibit of the finest modern visual art in the Philippines. It takes place at The Link, Makati. Since 2013, Art Fair Philippines brings about people from all walks of life to come together and celebrate art and creativity. I have always wanted to experience Art Fair PH, but for some reason (a.k.a. my lazy bum), I never got to do it. This year, since I have been working in Makati now, I have no more excuse to miss it.

It’s amazing how a common parking lot in the city suddenly turns into a building full of art. I always pass by The Link every morning on my way to work and I cannot help but think how something so ordinary can transform into a place brimming with life and colors.

There are different forms of art to appreciate: paintings, sculptures, and installations.

I decided to go on a Friday night after work. I came with Yza and Jem. I did not have any camera with me aside from my GoPro. Don’t ask me, I did know what I was thinking. Well, at least, I brought a camera. And I’m quite happy with the photos that I got. I’m glad that I was able to take my time to immerse myself in the beauty of it all.

I was constantly in awe of everything I saw and experienced. I love the diversity and authenticity of the artworks. A lot of which moved me in a way no living thing ever did.

Art makes you feel things.

Some spoke to me. Some left me speechless.

Here are some more of my favorites:

I left The Link feeling inspired. The experience awakened my love for creativity and got me thinking if I should rekindle my artistic hobbies. It’s nice to unwind and refresh the mind by doing creative stuff like this. I think I should visit museums more often. I’m starting to find them very relaxing. 🙂

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