A Visit To The Ateneo Art Gallery

Last November, my favorite Filipino musical (Mula Sa Buwan) held a rerun at Hyundai Hall which is located in Areté, Ateneo De Manila University. Areté is the recently-opened building in the campus. Being the new home of Ateneo Art Gallery and the venue for astounding theatrical performances, Areté serves as Ateneo’s creative hub where arts and culture are honed.

It was the second week of the run and I won free tickets for the show. I invited a couple of friends to come with us and we decided to go all together. Since we live in the south and we wanted to avoid the notorious Metro Manila traffic, we decided to leave for Ateneo after lunchtime. And so, we arrived 4 hours early for the 7:30 PM show which left us with a LOT of time to kill.

After swapping our tickets at the front house, we took more than enough photos and decided to check out the Ateneo Art Gallery. There is no entrance fee which is a good thing. 🙂

Ateneo Art Gallery was the first museum of Philippine modern art and it houses an incredible collection of artworks in all forms.

The museum is home to the most beautiful and intriguing paintings, sculptures, prints, and installations.

The most photographed part of the museum is the blue wall where various framed paintings are hanged.

After spending quite some time staring at the amazing artworks and taking all the beauty in, we headed out and had an early dinner. Then, we waited for a few more minutes until we were asked to enter the theater. What happened next is something I do not want to tackle in this post because I always get emotional when I talk about it. (The show broke me. That’s it.)


Anyway, if you are looking for something different to do on a lazy weekend, come by Ateneo Art Gallery and fill your senses with awe and wonder as you immerse yourself in local contemporary art. 🙂

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