An Overnight Stay At Azumi Boutique Hotel

Last month, I participated in the Color Manila Back Light Run. It was held in Filinvest City. To avoid the hassle of commuting back home after the event, I decided to spend the night at Azumi Boutique Hotel.

I booked the room four weeks before the event. I always want to book my accommodation ahead of time because it relieves my anxiety that way. A week before the run, Color Manila announced that Azumi Boutique Hotel was their official partner and that registered runners get a discount if they book a room at Azumi. I was frustrated at myself that I did not wait until the announcement, but what the hell, I already booked my room so I just let it go.

I was really excited to spend some time at the hotel. I know I will be out of the hotel for a couple of hours that night, but I really was looking forward to relax and unwind that weekend. And true enough, I had such a pleasant stay at Azumi.

I was really happy with how everything is–how the hotel looks like from the inside and out, and the blackness of it all. I think it looks so sleek and modern. I also love the layout and design of the rooms. I’m quite disappointed in myself for not bringing my camera with me. I only have my phone and my GoPro so I ended up with some really crappy photos. But anyway, I would still be glad to share with you some of my favorite spots and corners of Azumi:

waking up to the view of the city skyline

the view from the most photographed infinity pool (too bad I did not get the chance to have the iconic shot)

some photos of my room

you can also put down the blinds anytime you want! so cool!

 photos of the pool by night

I really wanted to take a dip that night but I was exhausted from the run and the bed seemed to be calling out to me. So, I made a mental note that I will just wake up early the following day to take a swim. Spoiler: I did wake up early because I was too lazy to get up from bed. (In my defense, the beds were really comfy.) I ended up going at around 9:00 AM and I did not swim because the pool was already crowded by then.

 here are the photos of the pool that I took the following morning

the lobby and the dining area

My room was located at the top floor, so I really enjoyed my view. I love looking through the windows and seeing the busy streets from above.

I had such a wonderful time and I would love to be back again soon with my family. I am hoping to come on a weekday next time, so I can enjoy the amenities. Anyway, I know there are a lot of nice hotels situated in Alabang, but if you’re looking for something hip and very unique, you should definitely consider checking in at Azumi Boutique Hotel. It is unlike any other typical hotel. This one automatically goes on the list of my favorite hotels. I highly recommend it!

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