The Grape Farms of Bauang, La Union

Wondering what is it like to visit Napa Valley, California? Well, you do not have to book a flight and secure a visa to have an idea. We have a fair number of vineyards here in the Philippines.

Unknown to many, there are grape farms in the Philippines. I, myself, was quite surprised when I heard that there are actual vineyards in the country. Picking grapes is another must-try activity that you should consider when you visit La Union. Bauang, La Union has become a popular attraction because of the grape farms that nobody seemed to know about until last year.

From San Fernando, we rode a jeep to Bauang. We got off at the town plaza and hired a tricycle to the grape farms. There are a couple of vineyards to choose from, but we opt for Gapuz Grape Farm since the entrance fee is free. And since we did not intend on bringing home more than a kilogram of grapes, that would mean we only had to spend on the transportation fee.

You may also stop by Sts. Peter and Paul Parish which is located by the tricycle terminal. Founded in 1580, it is considered as one of the oldest churches in the country.

If you are thinking twice about stopping by Bauang on your trip to La Union, I advise that you do! It may seem like it is not your typical tourist destination, but the town offers a unique charm that will leave you wanting to stay just a little longer.

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