Bounce PH: The First and Only Indoor Trampoline Park in the South

It was a holiday so I was spending a lazy Monday afternoon at home when Eliana, my five-year old cousin, wanted to go out and try Bounce PH in SM South Mall. She kept inviting me and my mom to come with her. The whole day, she kept on asking us if we would come with her, blabbering about how boring her summer vacation has been. So after a few hours of convincing, we drove to Las Piñas before sunset and finally went to Bounce Philippines.

To be honest, I wasn’t thrilled about the idea going back to another indoor trampoline park after my recent trips to Jump Yard (Pasig) and Trampoline Park (Mandaluyong). Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed my trampoline park experiences. The first time I ever tried to jump on real trampolines was when I went to Jump Yard with my college best friends, Mharize and Mina. A month later, I went with Jem to try out Trampoline Park. That is why both of my indoor trampoline adventures with Jump Yard and Trampoline are truly memorable for me. However, both trips were also able to satisfy my trampoline park hype, so when Bounce Philippines surfaced the social media scene, I wasn’t really excited about it. I wasn’t interested at all. I already knew what to expect and as can see in the photos, there’s different new about it. BUT I WAS WRONG.

The moment Eliana and I stepped on the playground, she started jumping immediately! Then, she ran to the other trampoline she set her eyes upon, and started to split in the air! She was ecstatic! I was so excited for her! I took a bunch of photos and videos as she jumped and skipped and ran across the playground. When she saw the rock climbing and foam pit area, she did not hesitate… She dived and climbed and jumped. Her reaction was priceless! I was following her around and at first, I was worried that she might injure herself, but the girl was unstoppable. She did not stop even for a few seconds. She just went on. At one point, she even asked me, “Were we able to go everywhere?” Sulit na sulit sa kanya. She went to every area, every corner, and every spot. From the moment the timer started to the very last minute, SHE DID NOT STOP JUMPING. One hour yung slot namin, one hour rin siyang tumalon. I cannot help but remember being exhausted at the 30-minute mark during when I was in Jump Yard. But, this girl… GUUUURL?!! PAANO?


In the end, I realized my trip to Bounce Philippines with Eliana is my favorite indoor trampoline park experience. Because I was with her. I may not be able to play around since I was looking after her, but the experience was fulfilling. Bounce PH helped me realize places like this may re-ignite the adults’ childlike flame for an hour, but nothing can beat the real excitement happiness it can give to children.  Playgrounds like this are meant to be experienced with children. I was so happy that even though I never planned to return to a trampoline park anytime soon, I still did. Spend more time with children. They may be annoying and silly at times, but they have the most genuine feelings towards any situation. They have the most wonderful smiles and laughs. Spend more time with them and you might start to look at things differently, too. My takeaway from this: What makes a place remarkable is not the place itself, but the people you were with when you were there.

Bounce Philippines is located at Southmall Access Rd, Almanza Uno, Las Pinas City.

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