Bucket List

Driven by my goals and aspirations, I want to acquire experiences, discover adventures, and go on explorations as much as I can before I die. Here is a list of the things I want to accomplish before I leave the Earth. This will be updated as soon as I cross off the list bit by bit or as soon I think of something more to add.

    1. Learn digital illustration
    2. Learn calligraphy
    3. Learn to play at least one musical instrument
    4. Find a sport that I will fall in love with
    5. Enroll in a baking class
    6. Master the technical aspects of photography and filmmaking
    7. Fill my bookshelf with my favorite titles
    8. Embrace visual arts
    9. Run a marathon
    10. Finish my adventure scrapbook
    11. Explore all the provinces and cities of the Philippines
    12. Study in my dream university (UST)
    13. Put up a quaint coffee shop
    14. Launch my blog
    15. Publish a book
    16. Teach English or Literature
    17. Visit every continent of the world
    18. Get nominated for a Palanca Award
    19. Attend a gala event wearing a ball gown or a long gown
    20. Get married in my dream dress
    21. Produce an online travel show
    22. Watch a play in Broadway