A Trip To Cagbalete Island in Mauban, Quezon: A Photo Dump

Cagbalete Island gained popularity a few years ago because of its pristine waters, creamy white sand, and beautiful sandbar. It was featured in a number of television shows as well as countless blogs and social media posts. Last June, we had the chance to experience the island for ourselves and bask in all of its glory.



My Mama planned one last trip before summer officially ends. This would the last vacation we will go on before she and my Papa go back to work on July. This was literally our huling hirit–I will not dare say tag-init because rainy season had just started during that time and it was literally raining when we got there.



Upon arriving at Mauban Port, we rented a private boat to the island. We originally planned to catch the public boat but since we brought way too many stuff with us (so much for being a family that packs light), we decided to hire a private boat instead. Also, we were informed that it would be more convenient for us if we had our private ride since the resort that we booked is too far away from the public port in Cagbalete.






After an hour of boat ride, it started raining as we approach the island. From afar, it looked something that you would see on a postcard! We were so mesmerized by the sight of it. It was still raining hard and our boat couldn’t dock near the beach but we were so excited to get off the boat that we started running to the resort–with the knee-deep water beneath us and the raindrops falling hard on the top our heads.

We were the only ones at the resort so it was like we had our own private beach. It was our first time to experience something like it. The part of the island where we stayed was a literal secluded paradise. We couldn’t be happier. My Mama and Papa had never been so glad and satisfied with any of our trips before. We couldn’t shut up about how the odds were in our favor and about how beautiful the island is! We were head over heels for Cagbalete Island.


We began preparing our lunch once we settled all our bags. Mama cooked the seafood she bought at the market earlier that day. After lunch, it stopped pouring so we explored the beach and took some photos. The weather had been amazing from then on. It was a cloudy day, so we did not have to worry about getting our skin burned. Also, the rain decided not to pour and ruin our trip. I slept all afternoon in one of the huts and I woke up just in time for merienda. During the afternoon, the water was at its lowest so we took some more photos we prepared our dinner after sunset. It was a typical sleep > eat > repeat type of vacation.



The following morning, we had breakfast then we set off to a boat ride around the island. We were not early enough to see the sandbar so we just swam instead. We also went snorkeling. The view underwater wasn’t as breathtaking as that of Tingloy but we saw a lot of colorful fish. We had so much fun.




By noon, we were preparing for our trip back to the mainland. We were talking about how we should have booked two nights instead of just one. We wanted to spend more time in the island, but we couldn’t because of my Papa’s prior obligations. However, given how much he fell in love with the island, he also kept on repeating that we will come back again soon. And so, with heavy hearts, we left Cagbalete to explore a couple of towns in Laguna.

Now, let me share a compilation of some of our best solo/couple shots:











Mama and Papa








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