A Lush Staycation At Canyon Woods Resort Club

In 2016, I was fortunate enough to visit and explore Canyon Cove Hotel and Spa (the one in Nasugbu, Batangas) with my family. I had completely no idea that two years later, I will have the chance to visit its subsidiary, Canyon Woods Resort Club. This time, I was only with my parents and Franz. We went on a weekday so my siblings couldn’t come with us. Canyon Woods is located in Lemery, Batangas, a few kilometers away from Tagaytay, which makes it a perfect venue for a weekend getaway.

My Mama had a seminar at Canyon Woods and she invited us to come with her. She booked a room for us so we could enjoy a quick staycation while she attended her seminar. We left home at around 8 AM. We went to a McDonald’s Drive Thru for breakfast. I thought I will still be able to sleep on the way but the trip was pretty quick. In less than two hours, we were already in Tagaytay. We still had a few hours to spare so we decided to have lunch at Twin Lakes (which was only a few kilometers away from Canyon Woods). We had a hearty lunch at Bag of Beans. We also bought some snacks and necessities before heading to Canyon Woods.

a photo from our stopover

Canyon Woods is well-known for their classic lodge style of residences. The entire vibe of the resort was calm, chill, and quiet, thanks to the earthy colors that were highlighted in the accommodations and the private properties. I actually felt so close to nature. It has a hotel called The Peak (where we stayed overnight), as well as natural-themed facilities. Canyon Woods also boasts of its golf course which is considered as one of the most challenging ones in the area. Aside from that, we really enjoyed the food. It was nothing exquisite, but it was enough to fill our bellies with good meals. Our stay was very comfortable and serene.

Franz and I basically stayed up the whole night until it was time to hit the road so by the time we got in our room (thank God we were allowed to check in early), we freshened up and went straight to bed. I woke up at around 6 PM and had a quick workout session with Papa at the gym. Then, we had our dinner. That was pretty much it. We went back to the hotel after that and I watched Youtube videos until I fell asleep.

The following morning, after having breakfast, we went around and took a bunch of photos. My favorite part was the indoor pool which was very photogenic, by the way. We also took a quick dip in the outdoor pool located at the hotel. By the time we were done with the photos, it was time to check out. There’s not much to do but relax and appreciate the view of the pine trees. All things considered, I had so much fun taking photos and I felt fully rested (which was the best part). It was a nice staycation.

After checking out of the hotel, my Mama still had to stay in Canyon Woods for a few more hours for work. So Papa, Franz, and I decided to head out first and we would just come back to pick up Mama after she’s done with her seminar. We went to Brewed For You Coffee House to pass time. We just had to drive down the Diokno Road for a few miles. We have actually been there earlier this year, but the place still had the same homey ambience. Good food. Cozy vibe. Plus the view of the castle from afar. It was just perfect. I actually took some time to work on my journal and it was so relaxing.

By 4 PM, we picked up Mama from Canyon Woods and had our last stop-over at Starbucks Summit Ridge where we enjoyed conversations over coffee. It was just the perfect way to cap off our short and chill trip.

I’m writing this on the first day of my siblings’ one-week break from school and I’m really hoping my family and I could go somewhere this week. I really miss going on road trips and eating out and touring around and creating happy memories with them. I’m looking forward to our next trip together. Hopefully, soon.

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