Streets and Skyscrapers of Makati: A Photo Dump

In November 2016, I was employed in a company that is located in no other than the Philippines’ very own ‘concrete jungle where dreams are made of’. Although I have been to Makati a couple of times prior to my employment, being able to walk along its streets as the towering buildings lean over me made me appreciate the surroundings better. I admit that the experience awed me. (more…)

My First Escape Room Experience At Mystery Manila

Mystery Manila is considered to the first live role-playing game in the Philippines. It is a real-life room escape challenge where you get trapped in a room and have to solve your way out. There are a bunch of hints and mysteries that you have to figure out in a span of one hour. It’s fun. It’s thrilling. It’s challenging. It’s a definite must try.


My Ball Pit Manila Experience

When Ball Pit Manila opened to the public last March 2016, the hype was real. It is the first ever (and I think the only) adult ball pit in the country. My Instagram feed was full of faces submerged in a pool of white balls. I was dying to experience the ball pit for myself. I don’t know why it took me quite a while but after eight months, I finally got to see and experience Ball Pit Manila! (more…)

A Visit To Ayala Museum

Ayala Museum is a museum located in Ayala Center, Makati City. It is the home of some of the best ethnographic and archaeological collections and exhibits in the country. Being in the center of one of the busiest business districts in Metro Manila, Ayala Museum serves as a contrasting safe space that is full of culture, art, and history. The museum houses remarkable contemporary art pieces and artifacts that were a huge part of our country’s history.