Saint Paul University Manila: A Trip Down Memory Lane

As I was cleaning up my drive this morning, I stumbled upon some photos from college. I cannot help but feel a bit nostalgic. After all, it had been my home for four years and I admit that sometimes, I miss the university. Anyway, I decided to sort them out and share some of my favorite ones here.

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The National Museum Planetarium

I am not sure if it was a field trip or my parents brought me, but I do remember going to the Planetarium as a kid. The memory is not as vivid as I hope it would be. I just remember sitting inside a dome-shaped theater, I remember how the lights dimmed, and I remember being blown away by the astonishing projection of the sun and stars and all the other wonders of the universe.

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The National Museum Of Fine Arts

My first ever opportunity to visit the National Museum of Fine Arts was given by my Art Appreciation subject in college. I was reluctant then, and I only intended to show up because I needed the ticket for proof that I visited the museum. I came back a year and a half later, with a different purpose and perspective. Then, I found myself back again, eager to see and learn more.

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Manila Ocean Park: My Second Time In A Year

So after having such a great time at Manila Ocean park for the first time with my family, Jem and I got to talking and he basically said he wanted to experience the place for himself. Since I wasn’t able to visit all the attractions last time, we decided to give it a go and explore all of Manila Ocean Park for a day. And so, for the second time in a year, I found myself back in Manila Ocean Park.

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Celebrating My Sister’s 18th Birthday At Manila Ocean Park

Last March 2016, my sister turned 18. She decided to spend the day with family and her closest friends. And since she is fond of penguins, she wanted to see penguins for her birthday. So for her 18th birthday, we went to spend one whole day with not just penguins, but a hell lot of sea creatures. Continue reading “Celebrating My Sister’s 18th Birthday At Manila Ocean Park”