Resorts World Manila Photo Dump

As you may already be aware of, I went to Resorts World Manila to watch Ang Huling El Bimbo at the Newport Performing Arts Theater a few weeks ago. It was also the first time I got to roam around the Resorts World compound. I have been there a couple of times before, but I never really got to explore and take some nice photos. Continue reading “Resorts World Manila Photo Dump”

Big Bad Wolf Book Sale 2019

If you are a book lover like me, then you probably get excited too every time a grand book sale is happening. That is why when the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale 2019 was announced, I made sure to come and spend some moolah on my most-wanted titles! (See, I missed last year’s!) I went home truly happy with my finds and with a firm decision that I will return for a second round. I will come more prepared by then, that’s for sure.

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Sweet Escape: A Peek Inside The Rooms Of The Dessert Museum

The Dessert Museum is a one of a kind interactive museum that features eight rooms filled with sweets and treats! Each room has a designated theme and uniqueness. Beyond its aesthetically pleasing interiors, you can also learn a thing or two about the inventors and origins of our most loved desserts. The best part? Free desserts!

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SM Skating Rink: Reliving Childhood Memories On Ice

Living in a tropical country, it’s always exciting to take on unusual adventures as fun as ice skating. I have always wondered how it is like to experience snow for the first time. I remember being enrolled in a fifteen-session class in SM Southmall as a child. To be completely honest, I barely even remember what transpired during those times. I just remember wearing a helmet and my old blue jacket as my mom takes a photo of me while I try to skate. I also remember my trainer’s name: Coach Ted. Continue reading “SM Skating Rink: Reliving Childhood Memories On Ice”