Celebrating My Birthday At Crimson Hotel

My family surprised me at Crimson Hotel for my 22nd birthday. It was the best birthday weekend—nay, the best weekend of my life.

I honestly thought I would have the lamest birthday this year. I was hospitalized a week before so I had no plans at all. I was not in the mood to celebrate nor do something different. But my 22nd birthday unexpectedly turned out to be the best one I’ve ever had. All thanks to the amazing people who did their best to make me feel special and loved. Little did I know, my family had been planning to surprise me for my birthday. As far as I can recall, it was the first time in my life–ever–that I was thrown a surprise birthday celebration. I would be doing a separate post for my birthday,  all elaborate details and emotional musings included. For this post, I would just like to feature the photos we’ve got from our overnight stay at this beautiful hotel in Alabang.

My family and I have always wanted to spend a weekend at Crimson Hotel but for some reason, we never had the chance to push through with it. I was totally unaware that they were planning to surprise me so I was really overwhelmed. Anyway, they decided to book two rooms at Crimson Hotel for my birthday weekend. As expected, the rooms were very spacious and cozy. We had a wonderful view and everything was just perfect. I was giddy the entire time so I wasn’t able to appreciate my surroundings while I was still in the moment, but looking at the photos made me realize and remember how happy I felt.

The weather was kinda gloomy that afternoon but that did not stop us from trying out the facilities. The pool and lounge area was definitely my favorite spot in the hotel.

When the sun finally set, my brother and I tried to take photos of the streets from our window. Here are some of the best ones:

Before the night ended, I was crying myself to sleep. I cannot get over everything that just happened. I was praying and thanking the Lord for blessing me with such a thoughtful and loving family. I just could not wait to repay them for everything. I  had such a wonderful time and I will never forget how this hotel had been part of what seems to be my best birthday ever.

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