Davao Del Sur Highlights

Last March, I went on another trip with Mama and Papa. This time, it was Papa’s turn to be chaperoned. Hahaha! But kidding aside, I think it’s cool how my parents are becoming more inclined to traveling recently. Every opportunity we get, we make sure to explore places we have never been to before. Anyway, we went to Davao Del Sur on short notice and we were able to see a lot of attractions in a span of two days! Here is a rundown of everything we have visited:

San Pedro Cathedral

Our first agenda was to visit the cathedral. For us, there’s no better way to start a long day than with a prayer. Backpacks are not allowed inside the church and since I was bringing one with me, Mama and I took turns. (There are no lockers or baggage area.) She went in first and spent some time in prayer and solitude, while I wait for her at the gate. When my turn came to go inside the church, I expressed my gratitude and asked for guidance. It was actually really comforting. I’m glad we headed to the church before anything else.

Sangguniang Panlungsod Ng Dabaw

Right across the cathedral is the building of Sangguniang Panlungsod Ng Dabaw. Nearby are other prominent landmarks that we checked out as well.

People’s Park

This is a public park located in the heart of the city. A lot of people go here to stroll, jog, take photos, and spend some downtime. What I liked the most is how the park is abundant with trees and all sorts of plants. It’s a great place to read a book or just find peace. This is something we lack back home so I really appreciate parks where we can actually breathe some fresh air.

D’ Bone Collector Museum

Apparently, there are only four bone museums in the world–one in France, two in U.S.A., and one in the Philippines. D’ Bone Collector Museum is the only one of its kind in Asia. It’s very educational and the stories of the animals whose bones were preserved in the museum teach a very valuable lesson: KEEP YOUR FUCKING TRASH WITH YOU BEC THEY END UP IN THE OCEAN, INTO THE BELLIES OF INNOCENT CREATURES AND THEN, THEY GET KILLED BECAUSE OF IT. IF YOU DON’T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT THE PLANET, YOU’RE THE TRASH.

Davao Crocodile Park

This one I did not enjoy because I do not like reptiles in general and I most certainly do not like seeing animal in cages. So, there’s that.

Philippine Eagle Center

This is actually my favorite attraction in Davao del Sur. As far as I can remember, it was my first time to see quite a number of Philippine Eagles at the same time and place. It saddens me that they are not roaming freely in their natural habitat as they should be, but I am also relieved knowing that they are well taken care of in this sanctuary. It was also the first time I was able to see some of them up close. I was in awe of how majestic they all are! It was such a memorable experience.

Eden Nature Park

Our last stop before heading to the airport was Eden Nature Park. Although the place is popular for their thrilling activities, we were not able to try them because we were in a hurry to be back in the city at least two hours before our flight. My takeaway on the place: It’s very relaxing there! I love how you actually feel one with nature. You can hear the chirping of birds and feel the wind breeze! I wish we could stay a little while longer. It would be the perfect retreat.

Abreeza Mall

This is where we had most of our meals, so yep, it’s definitely a highlight for me.

Side Trip to Samal Island, Davao Del Norte

On our first day, Papa met up with his old friend who happens to own a resort in Samal Island. At first, we had no idea where the resort was. All we know was he wants to show us the place. So, we hopped on a van and next thing I knew, we were already in the middle of the sea. The travel time to the island took about 30 minutes from the city (including the boat ride). When we got there, I admired the sunset while my parents went for a quick swim. It was so peaceful and relaxing. Truly the best way to cap off a day of roaming around the city.


I will be back soon to explore the beautiful beaches of Davao region. For now, I am grateful to have been given the chance to explore Davao del Sur. This trip was unexpected and it turned out to be such a wonderful experience. And even though I ended up getting sick after the trip, this is easily one of my favorite highlights this year. Mainly because I spent every single moment with my Mama and Papa.

In two weeks, we will be flying out to Misamis Oriental to spend some time with our relatives. We will also be exploring more of Cebu, as well as Camiguin with my parents and my brother! I do not know what to expect, but I’m sure it will be just as memorable. Too bad my sister couldn’t come with us because of school, but hopefully, we can go on a trip all together some time in June. Really looking forward to going on more adventures with my family!

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