Flow House Manila: The Philippines’ First Artificial Surf Park

Flow House Manila is the country’s first artificial surf park. It is a sports entertainment venue located in Bacoor, Cavite (just ten minutes away from my home). Since it was opened to public, I never intended to visit the place because I am not into trying out extreme sports. For one, I don’t surf… and I cannot even last 1 minute on a skateboard. Why the hell would I want to engage myself in a watersport that is actually a combination of the surfing and skateboarding?

One night, while my tita self is surfing through Metro Deal, I compulsively bought Flow House Manila vouchers. I thought to myself, “It wouldn’t hurt to try.” And so, two weeks later, I found myself flowriding–something I never thought I would do.

At first, I got really anxious before hopping on the board. Good thing the instructor (I forgot his name huhu this post is one year late–sorry!) was so accommodating. He guided us through the basics until we can let go of the rope that supports us and be on our own. Once I got the hang of it, everything went well. It wasn’t scary at all and I learned pretty fast. I was surprised at how I was enjoying the activity. I fell countless times and it did not hurt at the moment so it did not bother me how many times I fell. However (!!!), my body was sore all over the day after. But it was worth it. I had so much fun.



One of my favorite things about Flow House Manila is that the place is so chill! After an hour of flowriding, we just sat by the pool and had some beer. I kept telling Jem how Flow House is such a cool spot to hang out and just chill. He even agreed to come back just so we can do everything (from flowriding to the conversations by the pool as we watch other people ride the artificial waves) all over again.


Flow House Manila is located in Elements Mall, along Molino Boulevard, Bacoor, Cavite. For inquiries and updates, you may check out their Facebook page.

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