My Intramuros Photo Dump

This post features a series of images that I have gathered from all of my trips to the historical Intramuros. It has been so long since I took these photos, but I never really got to share them on the Internet. So here I am, dumping every photo in this post.

As a Filipino, I really believe you should pay Intramuros a visit at least once in your life. Our past plays a huge and significant role in who we are today as a country and Intramuros will never fail to reconnect you with Manila’s rich history. The museums are very interesting and informative. The churches, as old as they are, are truly some of the most beautiful structures in the country. The streets and buildings are living remnants of what Manila used to be. Even if you are not a big fan of history, you will surely be fascinated with what Intramuros has to offer.

The Plaza

Fort Santiago

San Agustin Church

Casa Manila

San Diego Gardens

Reducto de San Pedro

Baluarte de San Diego

Revellin de Real de Bagumbayan

Schools Inside The Walled City


Streets and Architecture

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