A Quiet Afternoon At Katungkulan Beach

Formerly known as “Cavite de Boracay”, Katungkulan Beach is one of the Cavite’s most prized possessions. Located in Calumpang, Ternate, Cavite, the beach boasts of gray sand and clear (but not blue) water. It is a nice place to visit if you want to take a quick relaxing break, away from the bustle of the city. It is located inside the Marine Base. But don’t worry, tough and intimidating as they may look, the marines are actually very approachable and friendly. Just inform them that you’re heading to the beach and they will let you in after you pay the fees. From the gate, you’ll have to pass the long road down to the actual beach. You will even see some marines in the middle of their training along the way.

The beach offers a beautiful panoramic view. The sea meets the sky. And of course, the magnificent landform! It is one perfect image of nature’s most wonderful gems. During the time we visited, it is a weekday in the middle of September. This is why the beach seems serene and secluded. However, if you come by on weekends (especially in the summer), expect a large number of people crowding the area. There’s nothing much to do here except eat, swim, and enjoy the view.

It was a quiet afternoon and although the sunset is not that breathtaking around the area, the view is good enough to take my mind off all the stress.

After taking plenty of photos (as you can see), we decided to call it a day and pack up. Our stay may be short, but we definitely had a great time. I was glad to finally have my Katungkulan Beach experience after twenty-one years of living in Cavite.

This trip is worth the two-hour drive! I’m really happy we took our time to visit this place. It makes me proud to be a girl who grew up in Cavite. 🙂

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