Off To Work: A Series of Photos featuring the Streets and Skyscrapers of Makati

Here is a photo dump of all the Makati photos I have acquired during the past year. This is just a continuation of my previous post wherein I  I figured the last one got waaay too long so I had to cut the post in half and transfer some of the photos in here.

It’s no secret that I have always wanted to quit my day job and pursue my passion for producing creative content. Every day, I feel like a programmed robot who is required to wake up really early, get up from bed even though my will is against it, and get ready for work. I dread Mondays and I am always looking forward to the weekend. Looking around to appreciate the beauty in the ordinary like buildings and pedestrian lanes and moving cars actually helps. It makes me feel better about myself, my current job, and my aspirations.

Someday soon, I hope to have the courage to conquer my fears, let go of everything that’s holding me back and chase my dreams. Come what may.

As for now, I shall carry on and keep in mind whatever it is that keeps me going. I’m not sure what exactly it is but all I know is that I’m trying my best to be strong enough in order to get through each day without giving in to my weaknesses.

As I walk through the streets and glance at the skyscrapers for a few more months, I will cherish each moment for I am certain I will miss everything once it has passed.

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