Celebrating My Sister’s 18th Birthday At Manila Ocean Park

Last March 2016, my sister turned 18. She decided to spend the day with family and her closest friends. And since she is fond of penguins, she wanted to see penguins for her birthday. So for her 18th birthday, we went to spend one whole day with not just penguins, but a hell lot of sea creatures.

We have a family friend who works at Manila Ocean Park so we were able to get our tickets in advance. Upon arriving at Manila Ocean Park, we were greeted by said family friend, and she gave us our tickets. We also booked a room at the hotel but we couldn’t check in until 2:00 PM  so we decided to go see the attractions first.

The main attraction of Manila Ocean Park is the Oceanarium which houses 14,000 sea creatures from about 277 species all of which is indigenous in Southeast Asia. The Oceanarium has seven sections and contains 3,000 cubic meters of sea water. Its main feature is the 25 meters (82 ft) 220° curved walkway tunnel after a 55-meter walkthrough inside the Oceanarium.

As far as I know, Manila Ocean park is the only oceanarium in the country. This is why the place should not be missed. It wasn’t my first time (my first time was when we went there for our field trip then I went back for a family trip a few years later) but I most definitely enjoyed each time. I am beyond fascinated with the marine animals and the educational facilities. I must say it is my most favorite theme park in the Philippines.

Ocean Park also used to house Yexel’s Toy Museum which features various life-size statues of characters and scenarios of pop culture.

And of course, we saw the penguins! It was my first time to see them in person. The trails to Antartica is the first penguin park facility in the country. It features a walk through an exhibit, a Christmas Snow Village, and the live penguins!

During the Sea Lion Show, we got to meet the adorable sea lions of South America and Bibam got a kiss from one of the sea lions!

Here are some photos of the lobby, the café, the bar, and the restaurants:

After a fun-filled day, we checked in at the hotel and had a relaxing evening. We spent the night watching cartoons and eating snacks.

The next day, we enjoyed the breakfast buffet and prepared for checkout. I had such a great time and I really enjoyed all the facilities of Manila Ocean park–from the theme park to the hotel. It was such a great and memorable experience.


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