A Trip To Masasa Beach, Tingloy, Batangas

Masasa Beach in Tingloy, Batangas has been one of the most popular summer destinations in Luzon during the past few years. It boasts of its crystal clear waters and unique rock formations. Mama and Papa had been to Masasa with a couple of friends a year ago, so they were pretty much our guides. They were so excited for us to see and experience the beauty of Masasa Beach. Prior to the trip, they couldn’t stop talking about their snorkeling experience. They even bought safety vests and goggles for all of us so we do not have to rent anymore. LOL.


We decided to go on a weekday to avoid the large crowds and enjoy the serenity of the place and it did not disappoint. Masasa Beach is truly worth the long hours of road trip and boat ride.

During our one-hour boat ride from Anilao, we were able to see the most well-known islands and landmarks within the Anilao-Tingloy area.

Sombrero Island from a distance.

That’s the popular Santorini-inspired facade of Camp Netanya right there!

I forgot what this island/rock formation is called.

According to the boatmen we were with, this was where some scenes of Marina were shot. It was some quality information for me. I used to watch the show as a kid!

We woke up early the next day to maximize our time at the beach. My Papa went to the cove at around 6:00 AM and began pitching our tent. He waited for an hour by himself before we were all ready to join him. Haha! Most of us are definitely NOT morning people. We had breakfast by the beach and went swimming right after. Bibam, together with my Mama and Papa, brought my GoPro with them and took some awesome underwater shots!


The highlight of our trip was definitely the snorkeling! It was my first time to actually enjoy snorkeling. It was so beautiful down there. We even saw a couple of tortoises! The entire experience was so much fun. We had such a great time!



The sunset was beautiful, too!


Here are some more family/self photos from our trip:

The week after we were there, photos of a crowded and trashed Masasa Beach surfaced Facebook. It was really disappointing to see such a beautiful place being treated that way. The surge of irresponsible tourists who trashed the pristine shores of Tingloy during the Holy Week was alarming. It saddens me how people can be so cruel to the environment. With this, I would like to encourage everyone to kindly GIVE A SHIT. You have no excuse. You do not have to do something grand to save the environment. The little things count. KEEP YOUR TRASH WITH YOU. DISPOSE THEM PROPERLY. PLEASE. Don’t leave your trash on the beach (OR ANYWHERE!). It is not that hard to care for the Earth. After all, we should be responsible for it because it is our home. Please do not be one of those assholes who do not give a f*ck even if the world deteriorates because of our own fault. 🙁

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