Discovering Mt. Batulao’s Beauty

After getting to know how it felt like to be on top of a mountain, I was officially hooked! I could not wait for my next hike. Reaching the summit of a mountain gave me an unnatural sense of fulfilment. I cannot put it into words. Up there, I felt happy and strong. I always find myself having a peaceful moment whenever I am at a mountain’s peak; meditating about how I’ve done something meaningful and worthy of all the pain and shortage of breath. It was a feeling that I craved. I immediately planned my trip to Mt. Batulao after my Talamitam hike. My first hiking experience in Mt. Talamitam was pretty tough yet fulfilling at the same time. Since I had already encountered one of the worst things that could happen during a climb (which is bad weather), I made sure I was more prepared this time.

I made sure I was able to capture the stunning view as we trek our way up to the first peak.

One month after our trip to Mt. Talamitam, Jem and I went to see the beauty of Mt. Batulao for ourselves. Also located in Nasugbu, Batangas, we pretty much knew what to expect with the road trip. Aside from the fact that we hiked its neighbor mountain, the jump-off point is also located near Caleruega Church (which we have visited a couple of times). I came more prepared this time. I even used a more appropriate bag, better than the last time I brought. I made sure my whole lower limbs were covered with clothing and wore a more comfortable pair of shoes.

Here are photos that were taken while I make my way down the 60-degree assault:

After we got off at the Evercrest Golf Course, a tricycle driver went up to us and offered us a ride to the jump-off point. He told us that he could also be our guide. During that time, all hikers were required to be accompanied by a guide. That is the reason why a lot of mountaineers were boycotting Mt. Batulao and even called it “Mt. 500”. Meanwhile, we were completely fine with the rule. We thought we needed a guide after all since it was our first time to hike Mt. Batulao.

I made it to the first peak!

We took a quick break and rested in a hut. This was the view.

There is one fatality in the history of the mountain. This was where she, unfortunately, fell to her death. Do not forget to offer a short prayer when you pass by this site.

It was a beautiful day for a mountain trip. Everything went well. The sun was up, the soil was dry, there was no fog, and the best part was—it wasn’t a muddy hike like the last time! The heat was also bearable. Everywhere we looked, we could see the breathtakingly beautiful view. Our trek to the first peak was steady. Actually, we made it through the entire climb without feeling any severe body pain or exhaustion. There were moments wherein we had to pause and take a few minutes of rest to catch our breaths and rehydrate, but aside from those quick breaks, we made it just fine. Halfway through our climb, Jem and I talked about how the mud made everything tougher during our climb to Mt. Talamitam. While I know that there is no easy hike, I told Jem, “It’s not that difficult naman pala if we have the appropriate gear and if we had just chosen a day with good weather.”

Here are some photos of the beautiful rolling slopes and knife edges of Mt. Batulao:

Here are the photos that were taken at the summit:

And here is the magnificent view at the summit:

We were also a little fast-paced this time. It took us one hour and thirty minutes to reach the last peak. We ate our lunch there, captured a lot of photos, and took all of Mt. Batulao’s beauty in. The beautiful 360 view awed us. Whichever way we turned our heads, the view was breathtaking! We spent an hour at the summit before we began heading down. The trek going back down was easier than the way up. Within an hour, we were already back at the jump-off point wherein we took a bath and changed our clothes.

Mt. Batulao offers a scenic view at every turn!

A beautiful green-eyed cat was waiting for us at the second registration site.

Hikers can take quick breaks (or even naps) in these huts.

Mt. Batulao, 811 meters above sea level, is undoubtedly just one of Batangas’ numerous magnificent mountains. It has open trails and rolling slopes. I would advise everyone who plans to climb Mt. Batulao to be very mindful of their steps during the trek. One wrong step may cause severe injuries or even death. While the scenic view of Batangas is truly a head-turner, be careful when taking snapshots for you may get distracted and take a wrong step. Make sure to pause for a quick photo only when it is safe to do so. However, Mt. Batulao is generally safe. There are also locals who dwell in campsites so you can turn to them if you have questions or need any assistance. All in all, climbing Mt. Batulao was such a pleasant experience for me. I was reminded of how we are blessed with such a beautiful world. This mountain reminded me to always be grateful for the Creation God provided us with. The world is such a wonderful place, we just have to go out and see the beauty for ourselves.

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