The National Museum Of Anthropology

After exploring the National Museum of Fine Arts, the National Museum of Anthropology is the sequel that you should not miss. If you appreciated the former’s sublime paintings and artworks, the latter will impress you with its interesting artifacts and collections.

The National Museum of Anthropology is used to be called the Musuem of the Filipino People. It is the component museum of the National Museum of the Philippines. It houses the Archeology Division, the Ethnology Division, and other more divisions like the EEMPD (the acronym for Exhibition, Editorial and Media Production Services Divison), the MUCHD (also known as the Maritime and Underwater Cultural Heritage Division), and the MSD or Museum Services Division.

cream colored walls and square shaped windows

greens and glass and stairs and skies

The building used to be the of the Department of Finance. It has four floors that are accessible to the public. Each floor houses various galleries and exhibits. Some of the highlights of the museum are: San Diego: 500 Years of Maritime Trade, Garing: The Philippines at the Crossroads of Ivory Trade, Lumad: Mindanao, Kaban ng LahiRice, Biodiversity and Climate Change, Hibla ng Lahing Filipino, and Baybayin.

There is so much to see and to learn in this museum. I love how it features historical artifacts and collections relating to Filipino culture, language, and traditions. It made me think about all the history lessons that I overlooked. Everything about this museum captured my interest and I couldn’t help but reflect on how forgetful and negligent we can be of our country’s history. It feels great to be reminded every so often that our ancestors are a huge part of the present time.

I think a lot of Filipinos are still unaware that there are such beautiful and informative museums out there, waiting to be rediscovered. I realized how much we tend to take these museums for granted. Case in point: The National Museum trio (National Museum of Fine Arts, National Museum of Anthropology, and National Museum of Natural History) is really accessible and is free for everyone. If you would like to be reminded of our country’s enriching past, it won’t hurt to check out these museums and pay each one a visit. You can bring your family, friends, and loved ones and spend an entire day exploring and re-learning our history. You will be surprised at how fun and enjoyable it can be. It’s really worthwhile. Plus, you can take unlimited photos for keepsaking!

National Museum of Anthropology is located in the Agrifina Circle, Rizal Park, Manila. It is open from 10:00 AM until 5:00 PM every day except Mondays. Entrance fee is free.

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