The National Museum Of Natural History

Last May 18, 2018, on International Museum day, the most-anticipated National Museum of Natural History opened its doors to the public. Three months later, I finally had the chance to visit and explore the museum.

The building was formerly known as the Department of Tourism Building. The museum houses galleries that feature replicas and actual displays of the country’s natural wonders such as the fauna, the species, and the marine life. There are also exhibits of the Earth’s biosphere, Philippines’ beaches and forests, and more taxidermed animals. You can also find Lolong, the largest crocodile in captivity, inside the museum.

Have a glimpse of the newly-opened National Museum of Natural History through the photos I was able to take when I visited.


 tree of life

 some things you find hanging inside a museum

The National Museum of Natural History is a total game changer. It is far from the usual paintings or artifacts that you see inside a museum. I love how the galleries and installations inspired and evoked me to be more active in protecting the environment. I can see that there are a lot of people who visit the museum each day and I genuinely hope that they, too, are being effectively encouraged to take part in the preservation of the country’s and the world’s natural wonders.


 more creatures

the biosphere and a submarine

The National Museum of Natural History is located at Teodoro F. Valencia Circle, Ermita, Manila. It is open from 10:00 AM until 5:00 PM every day except Mondays. Admission is free.

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