The National Museum Planetarium

I am not sure if it was a field trip or my parents brought me, but I do remember going to the Planetarium as a kid. The memory is not as vivid as I hope it would be. I just remember sitting inside a dome-shaped theater, I remember how the lights dimmed, and I remember being blown away by the astonishing projection of the sun and stars and all the other wonders of the universe.

Also known as the National Planetarium, the National Museum Planetarium features an informative exhibit of the Philippine astronomical myths and celestial observations, as well as diorama installations of the Solar System and major constellations. The main attraction, however, is the true-to-life projection of astronomical bodies made possible by the GM-15 Goto Planetarium Projector. The Planetarium is under the operation of the National Museum of the Philippines.

I brought my siblings with me on a trip to Manila last January. We went to the National Museum of Fine Arts, the National Museum of Anthropology, then before capping the day off at Rizal Park, we made sure to drop by the Planetarium first. Too bad we weren’t able to catch a show because the dome was under maintenance at that time. However, it really felt good to revisit the Planetarium. I find the experience very unique even after all these years.

The Planetarium is located in Rizal Park, between the Japanese Garden and the Chinese Garden. It’s actually not hard to find. You just have to look for the big dome along Padre Burgos Avenue. Do not forget to check the screening schedule first so you can catch a show during your visit. They are open from every day except on Mondays. For further information, you may contact them first at (02) 5277889 or

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