PETA Theater Center + The Kundiman Party

I have been working non-stop for a few weeks now. My daily routines have been pretty monotonous lately. Upon waking up, I begin working right away. I always sleep late at night. I don’t eat on time anymore and I’m starting to lose track of days. I am aware that I have been very unhealthy (and unhappy?) to the point where I feel guilty when I let myself watch a ten-minute Youtube video. So, when I finally bought tickets to a play last weekend, it felt so liberating.

Working on this post feels really therapeutic and I love it. I just got off from work and I kept putting this off for the past few nights because I thought I would not have the right words for this, but here I am, with words and feelings and all. I don’t know… I’m just really exhausted from everything lately. All the sleepless nights is taking its toll, I guess. I just want to rest and have a normal amount of sleep and work out and eat good food. I just want to be free for a while.

I’m getting off track now. Sorry. I would just like to share how happy I was when I went to PETA last weekend with Noy. I admit it wasn’t a perfect day for me. The show date was the same as the launch of my client’s business–which we have been working on for six months–and I was very anxious to be away from my laptop for even just a few hours. Even before we entered the theater, my anxiety was constantly shooting up. Good thing Noy was there to talk with me, distract me, and help me cope. *deep sighs* Anyway, it was such a great experience overall, to see a play in PETA. I regret how I did not take enough photos, but that’s okay. I’ll be back soon for Rak of Aegis. Now, about the play we watched…

The set of The Kundiman Party

The Buencaminos unsurprisingly gave an intense and remarkable performance. I was blown away by the brilliance of THE Shamaine Buencamino. It was the first time I saw her perform live. I was in awe the whole time. She’s just beyond amazing. The same goes for Sir Nonie Buencamino who took my breath away. I meant that literally because a few seconds into watching him perform, I realized I was holding my breath! He only had one scene, but that was all he needed to make the audience feel all sorts of things–I was intimated and mad and gullible all at the same time. Even before he entered the stage, his presence was already felt. I was watching from the balcony section, but the moment he stepped into the room, I could feel the tension from up there. That’s how good he was. The titas (Stella Cañete-Mendoza, Missy Maramara, Frances Makil-Ignacio) were so witty and hilarious! I loved their lines so much! Boo Gabunada also did an amazing job as Bobby. The character was very different from the usual roles he portrays, but it was refreshing to see him in a different light this time. Gabriel Paguirigan gave life to the show with his music; Rica Nepomuceno stole the show with her voice; and Miah Canton was just as exceptional. What an ensemble.

The outstanding cast of The Kundiman Party

I won’t talk about the plot and my favorite scenes (even though I want to) because I’m still hoping for another rerun, and when that time comes, I will do my best to encourage every Filipino I know to catch it. It’s really important that everyone watches this play. It’s different from what we typically see–some may not actually like it, but we need this. A material that evokes you and makes you reevaluate your values and principles–that’s what we need. There are a lot of other excellent plays that we should see, but this one matters the most right NOW. So, if you’re reading this and The Kundiman Party gets another rerun in the future, please… Don’t miss it.

Here’s a photo of us excitedly posing in front of PETA

The last time I actually went somewhere (aside from going to the mall and coffee shops) was when we watched Ang Huling El Bimbo. Before AHEB, I did not see anyone for almost four months. So I guess it’s official: Theater is the only thing that makes me want to go out of the house now.

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