Exploring San Juan, La Union

San Juan is the primary surf beach in La Union. It is also said to be the heart of the province. It is located in the north Luzon, roughly 5 hours away from Manila.

We have heard about the chill vibe that San Juan, La Union can offer. We may have seen it in photos as we scroll through Instagram. However, experiencing it for myself was different. It was like being part of a laid-back community where you can do nothing and no one will ever judge you.

During my stay, I did absolutely nothing but watch the waves, drink cold beer, take photos, lie down by the beach, and walk along sandy shores.

Waves, vibe, locals, sand, beer, sunsets, coffee. Life seems to be so much better in La Union.





Dubbed as the Surfing Capital of the North, Urbiztondo Beach has waves that can reach up to eight to 10 feet high. Tourists and surfers alike go here for the large waves.

La Union sunset was breathtakingly beautiful. I can’t remember seeing anything that can compare to the beauty that I have witnessed that afternoon. I was awestruck. I did not take my eyes off of the sky until the sun had completely gone down.

I have been to different beaches around Luzon but Urbiztondo has a distinct feel. It does not boast of white sand and blue waters, but it certainly radiates a free and relaxed atmosphere.

San Juan, La Union provides a different kind of escape for people who desire freedom and relaxation, especially for those who want to take a quick break and move away from the bustle of urban life.

It’s true what they say, “Babalik-balikan mo ang Elyu.” I would love to be back. No, I will be back. I can’t wait to be back. See you again soon, Elyu! <3

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