SM Bowling Center: My First Time To Go Bowling

I remember going to a bowling alley with my relatives as a child. I was not able to play, of course. I just watched eagerly as they throw the ball towards the pins and repetitively fail to hit the targets. Anyway, here I am now, a couple of years later, about to tell you a brief story of how I tried bowling for the first time. Hahaha! Okay. So, I was very excited to try it out. My cousins and I had been planning this for quite some time and it had not pushed through until that December 30th.

We decided head to SM Southmall since the bowling center in Mall of Asia is always jam-packed. But since it’s holiday season, we still had to wait for an hour or so. We strolled around and shared stories as we wait for our turn.

When we finally had our own lane, we excitedly put on our bowling shoes!

We were like, “How does this work?” all the time. Hahaha! My scores were embarrassing. Every time I throw a ball, it heads directly to the gutter! And the incredibly good family of bowling athletes beside our lane makes everything worse! Hahaha.

I know there are other prominent bowling alleys around town like Paeng’s but we opted for SM Bowling Center since we wanted to stroll around the mall, too. And aside from bowling, there is also a corner for billiards. I’m just not sure if Paeng’s has the same setup though.

I also wanted to try playing pool but I’m afraid I might look like complete idiot. Haha! I have only played pool in computer games and I have never experienced playing an actual game. But it’s fun to watch people as they play.

Aside from my cousins, Lean and Franz, my siblings, Noy and Bim, came along, too. I am happy I went with the right bunch. We had so much fun. We enjoyed making fun of each other’s throws. Haha!

It’s fun to try out new things for the first time. But it’s always better when you have someone to share the experience with. What more if you’re with a bunch of humorous people around. They make everything 100% better! It would have been a totally different scenario if I went alone. I must have been so shy to even throw the ball.

Anyway, I had so much fun. If you’re interested to go bowling with your family and friends, I highly recommend it. It’s a great bonding experience. I forgot how much we paid for the game but it’s nothing above Php 400. I believe you can also get tickets for a lower price on Metrodeal. And if you’re going, not forget to bring socks! That’s it. Until the next post!

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