SM Skating Rink: Reliving Childhood Memories On Ice

Living in a tropical country, it’s always exciting to take on unusual adventures as fun as ice skating. I have always wondered how it is like to experience snow for the first time. I remember being enrolled in a fifteen-session class in SM Southmall as a child. To be completely honest, I barely even remember what transpired during those times. I just remember wearing a helmet and my old blue jacket as my mom takes a photo of me while I try to skate. I also remember my trainer’s name: Coach Ted.

Being back on the ice after so long made me really excited. Kinda sucks that I was only able to stay only for an hour. But as always, I definitely enjoyed my ice skating experience. I am not so sure if there are any other ice skating rinks here in the Philippines aside from the ones that I know of—SM Southmall, SM Megamall, and SM Mall of Asia. I recommend the one in MoA though. It’s more spacious compared to the other two.

Here are a few tips:

1. Wear/Bring socks.

2. Don’t forget to stretch before you hit the ice.

3. Prepare yourself for the incoming leg pain the next morning.

It was an hour worth of gliding and taking tiny steps forward. Trying to learn how to skate for the first time (or in my case, trying to learn again after a couple of years) kinda resembles trying to walk as a toddler. You are uncertain of every movement, although you try to look so sure of yourself so that spectators won’t notice. Then you begin to take little steps forward until you get used to it. After a few tumbles and falls, you are slowly gliding your way through the rink. It wasn’t easy. My legs hurt but I had so much fun.

While most of us probably dream of skating at the Rockefeller Center, you can try out skating at our country’s skating rinks first. It’s fun and very affordable. It will do for now. Besides, it’s a good practice so by the time we go to The Rink, we will ace them glides. 😉

SM Skating Rink, SM Mall of Asia

Rate: Php 450.00 – Unlimited

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