Tangadan Falls: The Hidden Gem of San Gabriel, La Union

Tangadan Falls is a popular destination in La Union. It is usually the preferred side trip when visiting San Juan. Of course, we could not afford to miss it.

Wanting to avoid the hassle of haggling with tricycle drivers, we decided to set our trip to Tangadan Falls with the help of our hostel. The difference in price is not that far and it is definitely more convenient.

The ride was about 40 minutes and it took as an hour to reach the falls. The trek was relatively easy. We also stopped by a cliff-jumping area. I did not dare try though.

A dip in the waterfalls pool was really refreshing. It was everything I ever wanted after an hour of trekking. The water was so cold, I was not able to stay in the water for more than ten minutes. Upon reaching the falls, the locals reminded us that the depth of the pool is about 15 ft. deep. I rented a life vest just to be sure.

Tangadan Falls is a natural attraction in La Union that you should not miss. We were informed that the place is always jam-packed during the weekends, so it would be better if you can make it on a weekday. What do you guys think, anyway? Would you visit this hidden gem in San Gabriel, La Union? 🙂

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